Our Framework


People are given the tools they need to overcome obstacles, reach their potential, and take an active role in society through specialized programs and advocacy initiatives.

The Altitude Foundation Framework

We function within a well-defined structure with the objective of accomplishing its mission of enabling people with disabilities via diverse programs. This framework’s cornerstone is fundraising, which provides the organization’s operations with the necessary financial support. The organization obtains essential resources required for its operations and programs through planned campaigns, events, and donor contacts. These monies are then used to carry out projects, where committed groups of people labour to carry out initiatives meant to encourage and assist people with disabilities. The organization makes sure that all of its endeavours, from skill development programs to accessibility projects, directly improve the lives of the people it serves. But the organization doesn’t stop at execution; by encouraging inclusivity and independence among its clients, it places a high priority on disability empowerment.

Corporate governance acts as the foundation for ethical behaviour, accountability, and openness at all organizational levels. The organization upholds the confidence of its stakeholders, which encompasses funders, recipients, and the community at large, by conforming to regulatory standards and best practices. Robust governance frameworks ensure that an organization’s reputation and sustainability are protected by offering clear guidance, efficient supervision, and risk management tactics.

By following careful governance procedures, the organization not only maintains its integrity but also makes a name for itself in the non-profit sector as a trustworthy and legitimate entity. Overall, the organization’s efforts to build a more inclusive and fair society for people with disabilities are supported by this extensive structure, which includes corporate governance, project implementation, fundraising, and disability empowerment.

Our Location

Block Z, Greenford Office Estate, Punters Way, Kenilworth, Cape Town, 7708

Postal Address

P.O. BOX 18245, Wynberg, 7824

Contact Number

+27 21 761 5321/6



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