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Welcome to Altitude Foundation

Through our skills development projects, we provide opportunities that enable persons with disabilities to achieve personal, social and or economic empowerment.

The Altitude Foundation Aim

To promote a culture of non discrimination in order that people with disabilities participate on an equal basis with others in all aspects of socio economic development in South Africa.

To promote disability awareness amongst the general public to accept that persons with disabilities have the same aspirations as everybody else and they must be accorded equitable social rights as all other people in society.

To bridge the accessibility divide between current status quo and what is envisioned in the disability charter for the integration of people with disability in society.

Strategic Priorities

The Altitude Foundation will help more persons with disabilities in South Africa by:

Growing our fundraising portfolio of diverse corporate social investments and philanthropic donors.

Engaging with local communities to form partnerships that deliver projects

Ensuring corporate governance from action plans and internal controls to performance measurement and corporate disclosure.

Our Mission & Vision

The Altitude Foundation inspires and empowers persons with disabilities in South Africa through skills development, education opportunities and lifestyle experiences. 

Through our skills development projects, we provide opportunities that enable persons with disabilities to achieve personal, social and or economic empowerment.

Through our lifestyle experience projects we endeavor to make otherwise inaccessible activities and experiences accessible to persons with disabilities.

Through each project, we aim to increase disability awareness in our society.

The Altitude Foundation was inspired to build on the strength of history achieved by founder Alistair Roberts. Twenty two years ago, he championed disability employment, leaving a footprint for employers to follow suit on economic employment of  persons with disabilities in South Africa.

The Altitude Foundation became a vision to do more, to push boundaries and to champion change for persons with disabilities through corporate social investment and other funding opportunities.

Walking on waves, inspired the foundation’s  first project, offering excitement and sheer enjoyment experienced by surfers with disabilities. The Altitude Foundation is committed to inspire endless empowerment possibilities for persons with disabilities in South Africa.

Foundation Framework


Project Implementation
Disability Empowerment
Corporate Governance


The Altitude Foundation receives funding from medium, large, national and international corporations.

The Altitude Foundation provides an opportunity for corporations to channel corporate social investment funds. The foundation enables funders to have maximum impact on the lives of persons with disabilities.

Interested investors may request a list of projects that will reflect how funding can be allocated for the direct benefit of  persons with disabilities prior to their investment. A funded project can be tailor made in consultation with the a funder

Grant Funding to Project Applicant

The Altitude Foundation accepts grant funding applications at anytime round the year. The application is planned and processed by the foundation board meeting.

Interested eligible applicants are required to think innovatively on how to plan and implement a project that will promote the vison and mission of the foundation.

Areas of interest of a project must include any or one of the following:

Sustainable job creation

Skills development and training

Bursaries available for education

Participation in lifestyle, cultural events, sports and recreation

The promotion of disability awareness in society


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P.O. BOX 18245, WYNBERG, 7824