The Altitude Foundation was inspired to build on the strength of history achieved by founder Alistair Roberts.


Twenty two years ago, Alistair Roberts championed disability employment, leaving a footprint for employers to follow suit on economic employment of  persons with disabilities in South Africa.

The Altitude Foundation became a vision to do more, to push boundaries and to champion change for persons with disabilities through corporate social investment and other funding opportunities.

Walking on waves, inspired the foundation’s  first project, offering excitement and sheer enjoyment experienced by surfers with disabilities. The Altitude Foundation is committed to inspire endless empowerment possibilities for persons with disabilities in South Africa.

we are dedicated to reshaping the narrative for persons with disabilities in South Africa.


Through our tailored programs in skills development, education, and lifestyle experiences, we catalyze profound transformations. By fostering personal growth, nurturing social integration, and fostering economic independence, we empower individuals to reach new heights of self-fulfillment and contribute meaningfully to their communities. Our impact resonates far beyond individual lives, creating a ripple effect of inclusivity, dignity, and opportunity throughout society.

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Block Z, Greenford Office Estate, Punters Way, Kenilworth, Cape Town, 7708

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P.O. BOX 18245, Wynberg, 7824

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+27 21 761 5321/6


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